Snickers vs Kit Kats

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer and photographer

Most people who have not been living under a rock for their whole life are aware of the two candy bars: Snickers and Kit Kats. Everyone has their own preference in candy, but today those will truly matter. So now, the age-old question will finally be answered, which is better, Snickers or Kit Kats?
In case there are any rock-dwellers reading this, Snickers and Kit Kats are both candy bars, and are considered classics to hand out on Halloween. Snickers are a chocolate bar with caramel and peanuts in the center. Kit Kats are four thin bars of chocolate connected together, with crispy wafers in the centers.
Everybody has their preference on candy, so 50 students at Mt. Vernon High School were asked for their choice candy: Snickers or Kit Kats. The results were surprisingly skewed in one direction. But which one was the winner?
The results were very interesting: 34 students said that they preferred Kit Kats, while only 16 students preferred Snickers.
One student, Mitchell Kugelburg, a sophomore, had an interesting remark about Kit Kats. He said that, “Kit Kats are better because they’re filled with the bodies of their comrades.”
This is a reference to the fact that, on the production line, when pieces of Kit Kats fall off or crumble, they are mixed back into the others.
On the other side, Landon Willis, another sophomore, was in favor of Snickers superiority. He said that they are better because, “they have caramel in the middle.” A fair point, caramel is something that Kit Kats are lacking.
The numbers result in a ratio of over 2/1, in favor of Kit Kats. So it is quite clear which one is superior.

Cross-section of a mini Kit Kat bar: chocolate and wafer.
Cross-section of a Snickers bar: chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat.
A bag of Snickers bars.
A bag of mini Kit Kat bars.