Frankton Heritage Days

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer and photographer

Frankton Heritage Days is a festival that occurs in Frankton, a small town in Indiana. The festival has lots of games, rides and fair food. It was first held in 1975 and won the award for Best Small Festival in 2013. It was established to bring the community together, and it does just that.
People who attend with family and friends may know a lot of people there. The festival has tons of shops and activities for people to do as a family. My family has been going there for a long time, and still go there now. My favorite thing to get there is elephant ears and candy apples.
The festival has lots of events each year such as car shows and live entertainment. When walking into the Heritage Days, the smell of the food and the screaming people on the rides makes for an exciting atmosphere. The festival opens up September 16th and ends on the 18th. Some of the food stands are homemade food, you can see this as they are made in front of you. They have many different kinds of food to choose from such as elephant ears and funnel cake, so guests should not be afraid to try it all.
Frankton Heritage Days is a place to go with family and friends. The food is delicious and the rides are fun. I hope many consider visiting it when it opens next year.