Overwatch 2

Keith Ellington, MVC writer

I played the new and booming “Overwatch 2 (OW2).” This is the free sequel to the first game, “Overwatch.” It is overall mediocre. I would much rather play the first one and have things back how they used to be. The player count has decreased, and the bugs in this new installation make no sense. I think Blizzard, the company responsible for this mistake, should fix it.
After entering the game, it merges my account from the first game with a new one. This is cool, considering I can keep all my cosmetics from the first Overwatch. I was excited to collect new loot boxes and get new items from OW2, but it turns out that they completely got rid of that.
So how do I get new items? I do not. They switched their entire game economy similar to Fortnite with a battle pass and an item shop. There is no other way to get these items. I cannot simply play the game and get cool stuff like I used to with the previous game. Only when events are announced is there the possibility for players to get something free out of it. As of recently, the Halloween skins have come to the item shop, and one is approximately 20 USD. That is crazy to me, and I probably will not spend any money on this game.
All of the characters got new designs and a few have some new tricks like Orisa with her new Javailan, or Doomfist changing roles completely. But that is about it. There are some new characters, but I only liked one of them, that being Kiriko, the new support.
I cannot enjoy the game as much for one major reason though: the hitbox. I cannot express enough how much I hate the hitbox and how it works in this game. There is no way I can be grappled by Roadhog if his hook completely missed me. This frustrates me and I quit the game one night because of it.
However, the game is visually amazing. I played OW2 on my new “Xbox Series X.” With enchanted graphics, I found myself just staring out into the world of OW2 while in games. Blizzard shines when it comes to graphics and I am happy to see them stay the same in that department.
Overall, this game is mediocre for me. Of course, I got into it because Overwatch is one of my favorite games, but OW2 has me second-guessing why I still play it. I will continue to play it, but I honestly recommend people who have not played the first one consider playing a different game. New players may just be disappointed with how OW2 has failed to live up to its predecessor.