Apple Juice or Orange Juice

Callie Osburn, MVC writer

The question of apple juice or orange juice has been a debate around the world almost as long as the chicken or the egg debate. The debate over apple juice or orange juice has caused many arguments and won’t cease any time soon.

Many debaters claim that they enjoy the tang of orange juice while others say that they prefer the sweetness of apple juice

57% of people like orange juice and 37% like apple juice, and apparently cranberry has a following of 28%. Apparently apple juice sells more even though it is not favored.

Both juices have many health benefits; for example, apple juice helps enhance skin, aids weight control and is good for diabetes, while orange juice can improve heart health. Apple juice also has lots of vitamin C and also supports healthy fetal development.

Therefore it must be kept in mind that orange juice and apple juice are powerhouses of drinks and have lots of health benefits. Still, apple juice is a healthy drink with natural sugars.

Although orange juice has high acid and can cause damage to teeth. Apple juice also has flaws and small amounts of arsenic, a deadly poison, can be found in the juice, though it’s not theorized to be enough to cause harm.

The choice of apples and oranges can be challenging because they are similar but different in most areas. A glass of orange juice (100g) has 45 calories and an apple has 46 (again demonstrating the similarity between the two options).

At the end of the day, both drinks are extremely healthy, and the decision of which is better is left up to the drinker.

After allowing you to read facts and giving you time to form and opinion, I believe it’s only right to share mine!

Personally I prefer to drink apple juice. The choice of apple juice isn’t based on health facts at all for me personally; I can’t stand the citrusy overload of the orange flavoring.

Also, apple juice leaves me feeling refreshed and makes me feel as if I’m walking through an apple orchard on a fall evening. Orange juice just makes me want to drink water.
Then again I prefer lighter drinks and I hate sodas and other sugary drinks. I even go as far as to mix my lemonade with water and I can’t drink capri-suns.

Even after hearing my opinion I’m sure you still have your heart set on your lifetime favorite drink.