Mr. Dodd Resigning

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer

On September 19th, an email was sent out about the resignation of MVHS principal Mr. Dodd, who left to pursue other career opportunities. The email that was sent out said that a new principal should be at MVHS by October 1st.
On Tuesday, September 20, it was announced that the interim principal would be Mr. Bernie Campbell, the former high school principal.
Many teachers at MVHS worked with Mr. Campbell, and are excited to see him back at the high school.
“I am very excited about Mr. Campbell returning as our interim principal. Mr. Campbell was the principal when I came to Mt. Vernon and I feel that he will bring stability to MVHS that will ensure the new permanent principal’s success when chosen,” said Mr. Guthrie. “He will be so supportive to our students and our teachers.
“He is very loyal to Mt. Vernon. Mr. Campbell has high character and is very loyal,” said Mr. Deardorff.
Many teachers are very happy about his return and think he will help improve MVHS. Most teachers seemed to miss him and are very excited for the rest of the year.
Teachers aren’t the only ones who are affected by Mr. Dodd’s resignation. Students also have opinions on his resignation.
“I’m a freshman, so I was only with him for like a quarter. So I don’t have much of an opinion on it, but I feel like he would have been and was a good principal,” said Macey Crofts.
“He was pretty nice, [but] it doesn’t really bother me that he’s gone. Though he was less strict,” said Dominika Zarate-Alanis, 9.
Due to his resignation coming so early in the year, many students did not get a chance to meet Mr. Dodd, therefore his departure has not had as big an impact on the students.
Mr. Campbell has been going around to classrooms meeting the students and teachers.