Xbox vs Playstation


This is the 2020 Xbox series X.

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer


One of the biggest rivalries in the gaming world right now is Xbox vs. Playstation. Both gaming consoles have certain qualities that put one above the other and both are popular. 

PlayStation came out in 1994, racking up over 120 million purchases since its release; meanwhile, Xbox, which released in 2001, has only got about 81 million purchases worldwide. However, the cost of both of these consoles is quite different. The most recent Playstation is the PS5, which costs $400 while the most recent Xbox, the 1X, costs only $300. 

Both devices have the ability to game on their platform, but Xbox releases more games that are multiplayer and quick-paced online games, while PlayStation releases more puzzle and adventure games on their console. Both consoles also let people stream Netflix, Hulu and more, but the PS5 lets users watch in 4K giving you a better experience if you have a device capable of 4k. 

For the tech side, both Xbox and PlayStation run an AMD x86 CPU. Xbox runs at 1.75GHz while the Playstation runs at 1.6GHz, making the Xbox graphics a bit smoother than the Playstation. Both Xbox and PlayStationboth run GDDR processing units, but PlayStation is better running the newer and quicker GDDR5 while the Xbox runs a GDDR3. 

Controller wise, I believe that the Xbox controllers are better because of their thickness. I feel that the PlayStation controllers are too wide and skinny in comparison to the Xbox controllers, and look cheaper and break quicker. However, I feel that the build of the Playstation console makes up for the lack of design in the controller with a smooth and modern look, while Xbox consoles are bigger and bulkier with not as much design.

In total, I believe that the Xbox is a much nicer system to have; anyone can get more online and action filled games, cleaner graphics, nicer and sturdier controllers, and a considerably cheaper price, but both products have their advantages and it is just a matter of personal preference.

This is the 2020 Xbox series X.
The Xbox series X has a console four times more powerful than the original Xbox 1.
This is the 2013 PlayStation 4.
The PlayStation 4 is most known for the smooth multiplayer experience.