Teachers that Left


Mrs. Scherer taught as an English teacher in room B219.

Garrett Brown, MVC writer and photographer

Between the months of March and August, at least two teachers decided to leave during the school year. These teachers, Mrs. Rebekah Anderson and Mrs. Kristi Scherer, had many students that were impacted by their decision to leave the school corporation. This is what some of those students had to say, including an exclusive interview with Mrs. Anderson’s replacement, Mrs. Scruggs.

Why do you think Mrs. Scherer left?
Natalie Marchal (12): “She told us that it was because she was just too stressed out. I think the workload teachers have had after covid has been really tough on them, and it’s hard for them to stay on top of things, and it becomes very overwhelming, so probably mental health.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “I remember she told us that she didn’t like being stuck in one place for too long, and she was going to leave at some point, but she didn’t want to tell us, afraid that we just wouldn’t do any work, but I mean we did, and eventually she did leave because she went on vacation. She went on a cruise and then said that after work she wasn’t going to come back because she didn’t want to be stuck in one place for too long.”

Why do you think Mrs. Anderson left?
Aiden Hill (12): “The safety of the school. I know she was talking about even at other schools she had been to, when there were shootings she felt very safe, and the system that they had in place was secure, so I think here we just didn’t meet up to the standards that she wanted. That was the biggest thing for her.”
Mrs. Scruggs (B226): “I don’t know. I think that everybody has their own personal reasons that they might not necessarily share with everybody, but I know that she is still teaching, but she is working at a school online, so she’s working from home.”

How was class before Mrs. Scherer left?
Natalie Marchal (12): “I thought it was relatively a pretty chill class. The workload was relatively easy, so I didn’t really stress about it a lot, and the people in there were pretty fun, so overall a pretty fun class.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “It was pretty calm, honestly. I mean we talked a little bit, but she tried to keep us quiet a little bit. It’s obviously full of seniors, so a lot of people didn’t really care too much about grades because our GPAs aren’t going to be super affected, but she was still nice to us. She talked to us, and if we had any questions, she was pretty open and honest and would help us when we could, and we had a lot of free time, I’d say, to work on assignments.”

How was class before Mrs. Anderson left?
Aiden Hill (12): “It was good. I think the transition was not big because Mrs. Scruggs was a good teacher, too. She set a good environment, was very easy to talk to, and I could talk to her outside of school.”
Joseph White (12): “It was good. I enjoyed it. It was nice.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “She was a pretty good teacher, but it’s been a little bit since I had her, but she was a pretty good teacher. I’d say she was pretty nice. Relatively calm environment, and she tried to keep things on track, though, but it relatively was a good environment, I’d say.”
Mrs. Scruggs (B226): ”I have a unique experience because I was able to assist in her class for a couple weeks before she did leave, and it seemed like kids were engaged in learning in there, and I think that, based on the feedback that I got from kids, that they did really enjoy taking her class.”

How has class changed since Mrs. Scherer left?
Natalie Marchal (12): “We don’t get assigned work anymore. It’s just us sitting around all day really doing nothing, so kind of a time waster.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “I could imagine that it would have been hard for a lot of students. Even when Mrs. Scherer left, for me, it was a little bit difficult because for a couple weeks, we didn’t even have a teacher ‘cause it happened during the school year, so I can’t imagine what some other people are going through ‘cause I’m not sure exactly about all of the new teachers, but I know some people don’t like some of the replacement teachers that we’ve had so far ‘cause right now, we just got a replacement for Mrs. Scherer’s class.”

How has class changed since Mrs. Anderson left?
Aiden Hill (12): “I think it was just the teacher. I think the school work and all or that was the same. I was nervous to have a strict teacher that didn’t quite care about us as individuals, but Mrs. Scruggs has been great, and it’s kind of like two similar people.”
Joseph White (12): “It was sad, but I think it was still pretty good. I think Mrs. Scruggs did a very good job taking her place.”
Mrs. Scruggs (B226): “Well, we all have our own unique ways of doing things. I know in the beginning of her year here, there was still a lot of covid restrictions, so there was a lot more things that were maybe online, whereas when I took over the class and now, we don’t have those same restrictions, so there’s a lot more movement in my room than what there might have been in hers. We are up; we’re able to do group work where that wasn’t necessarily always the case in her class in the beginning, but it’s all kind of unique based on what’s going on in the outside world, too, how those things are able to change.”

Do you prefer class before or after Mrs. Scherer left?
Natalie Marchal (12): “I think before because we had something to do, and she was just overall a pretty fun teacher when it came to senior classes.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “Definitely before. This new teacher.* Now, it’s not that I hate her, but I know a lot of people have a problem with her because she kind of demands respect from us and is going straight into things, so I know a lot of people don’t like her, but I think I prefer before. Mrs. Scherer was a lot nicer, and she definitely treated us like adults, which most of us either are or will be soon, but she treated us like we were going to be adults and we respected her because of it.”
*This interview was conducted while Ms. Megan Stoner was the new teacher.

Do you prefer class before or after Mrs. Anderson left?
Aiden Hill (12): “I would say after just because I know Scruggs has been here a while, and I’ve kind of had some kind of connection, so that’s why I would say after.”
Joseph White (12): “Before.”
Mrs. Scruggs (B226): “Oh, I don’t know. Like I said, everything’s pretty unique. I love the classes that I am teaching now, including the ones last year that I took over fourth quarter. I just love the material, and everybody’s a little bit different, but I think I’ve done a good job of making this my own place.”

What do you think will happen now in Mrs. Scherer’s class?
Natalie Marchal (12): “I don’t know if they will be able to find a teacher in time. I seriously doubt that. I just hope that they give us the credit for the class because I need it to graduate.”
Lorelei Pienkowski (12): “Honestly, not sure. It’s definitely going to be different. Things are going to be run different. Grades might be a little bit different, but I definitely liked them before, and the replacements aren’t bad for either classes, but I definitely think it’s going to be a little bit different considering their teaching styles were completely different for both teachers, for both Mrs. Anderson’s replacement and Mrs. Scherer’s replacement. Both the teachers are completely different, especially in their teaching styles.”

What do you think will happen now in Mrs. Anderson’s class?
Aiden Hill (12): “I don’t think much. I think Mrs. Scruggs will kind of keep it rolling as Mrs. Anderson set it, and I think she did a smooth transition.”
Joseph White (12): “I think it’s gonna be fine. I think she’s going to continue to do a great job.”
Mrs. Scruggs (B226): “My change was probably a little bit different than some of the other ones in the building since I took over last year as opposed to some of the new teachers this year and things like that, so I don’t know if there’s a way for me to answer that question.”

Mrs. Scherer taught as an English teacher in room B219.
Mrs. Scherer’s last day at MVHS was August 24, 2022.