Gluten Free Tips

Isabelle Hernandez, MVC writer and photographer

Being gluten-free is often a hassle, whether people are trying to eat out, finding favorite food substitutes, or avoiding carb cravings. People are gluten-free for many reasons, such as having celiac disease, allergies, their body not being able to process gluten properly, or choosing not to eat it.
Trying to find gluten-free food at restaurants can be difficult, especially if someone has other dietary restrictions. However, that does not mean there are no restaurants that cater to gluten-free diets.
Bibibop is a 100% gluten and dairy-free chain restaurant that is Asian fusion food. The shop’s setup is similar to Qdoba’s build-your-own burrito bar. They have tofu as well for vegetarian options. Chicago’s Pizza offers gluten-free pizza crust and cauliflower crust, which is a gluten-free substitute. TGI Friday’s also has a gluten-free hamburger bun option.
There are many gluten-free brands, but it is hard to tell which will taste good. A few of my favorites are Daiya, Schar, Blue Diamond, and Panko.
Daiya is gluten and dairy free, so I enjoy their cheese substitute, pizza, and mac n cheese. Their food products do not have tough or weird textures and are full of flavor. Schar has a good range of food from their Artisan Baker Multigrain bread to their wafers, which taste like normal wafers.
Blue Diamond has good nut-thin crackers made from almonds. They offer a range of flavors such as smokey, hint of salt, and cheese.
Panko is a lifesaver with its gluten-free bread crumb substitute as hardly any other brands offer quality gluten-free bread crumbs.
A couple of popular food brands even offer gluten-free versions. Oreo cookies have gluten-free cookies and double stuffed gluten-free, both of which taste like the real thing. Cheerios also offers gluten-free cereals, and Cocoa Pebbles are already gluten-free as well if in need of good gluten-free cereals.
Made Good granola bars are tasty and I would still enjoy them even if I were not gluten-free.
Most chain grocery stores have their own brand of gluten-free products such as pasta that range from spaghetti to rotini. Macaroons are always gluten-free as they are a french pastry made with almond flour.
While having gluten-free diets may feel limiting at first, there are many options and foods that taste good and are good for gluten-sensitive friends.