Movies vs Books

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer

Whenever a new book brought to life via film comes out, there’s usually a debate whether the original book is better, or the new movie.

I personally prefer books over movies because books tend to have more information than the movies portray.

There are many reasons a scene from a book can be changed, for example, directors may choose to cut out a scene due to their artistic choices. Another example could be sometimes a scene just can’t be brought to life the way a book describes it, so it simply gets cut. 

One reason I prefer books to movies is they allow the reader to conjure up the scenario inside their mind, giving them more of a lively imagination. Books also can be read in different ways; they can be pictures or sounds the reader can listen to like on different websites or even just on Youtube. Books can also improve the reader’s vocabulary; by reading books of a higher level, the reader obtains more complex words into their own vocabulary. 

Not only that, but books can also improve how readers may see the world; they can give the reader a view of another person’s life, and make them think more about certain concepts, and how they should or may respond.

Movies are easier to just watch over and over again, unlike a book, which may be a little more challenging to reread. Movies also tend to get great merchandise to help bring more people in to watch the movie, like their use of posters and trailers, and how they take things from their film and put it onto every day things or random trinkets like pencils or bookmarks. Movies can be better to watch with friends. Movies allow people to watch together and communicate with their friends on how they believe the movie went, while books are not as easy to read with someone else. Books are more of a fun way to entertain myself.

Both books and movies can show lives that people can find themselves in.They can watch a character grow up or go through certain experiences they relate to. However, they can give the viewer/reader fun memories over certain scenes, like seeing or reading about their favorite characters getting past a certain struggle or plot twist filled scenes. Books and movies can impact people’s lives in different ways, they can bore one person but give immense satisfaction to another. 

Movies and books can both engage people in their own ways, both are an endless adventure into a new world or maybe even a world they find themselves at home in.