Dum Dum Flavors Ranked

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer

Personally, Dum-Dums are my favorite kinds of suckers. There are so many flavors to choose from, though I feel that some flavors are better than others. There are 16 flavors in a regular bag, but I am going to rank 6 of them from best flavor to worst.
My decision is very difficult, but coming in at the top would have to be Cotton Candy. Anytime I see this one, I take it. The flavor is amazing and it’s just always an option. There are no flaws and it tastes sweet. Coming in at number two is Root Beer. Once again the flavor is amazing and if it is offered to me, I will definitely accept it. I personally do not like to drink root beer, but this sucker is top tier. For number three I’ve picked Bubblegum. It’s not bad at all but it does not really taste like bubblegum. It is still very good and I would take this Dum-Dum flavor any day. I have always picked one of these three flavors because they are usually the sweetest tasting and I liked to take the good ones before other people have the chance to.
Now it’s time for the lower ranked ones. Let me start off with number four, Butterscotch. Now this one is my parents’ favorite, but it’s really just not for me. It’s almost too sweet, but if it was offered to me I would take it of course. For this next one, I think we can all agree that Strawberry is number five. It tastes like strawberry, but it is also very bland tasting. To add onto this they are always sticky and never just like a normal sucker. Flavor wise, It kinda reminds me of Play-Dough. Number six is Lemon-Lime, now who decided to make this a flavor? Though this flavor is popular, personally I don’t feel as strongly about it. It tastes like chemicals or like the peel of a lemon. If someone tried to offer me this I would politely decline. And if that’s all that was left in the bag, someone else can take it.
Overall, though. Dum-Dums are an amazing candy, and every flavor has its own flair and merit.

A couple of the dum dum flavors Ryleigh picked.