Mamma Mia!… But Who’s Papa?

Neve O'Brien, MVC writer

SPOILER WARNING: This article reveals a major element of suspense and surprise in “Mamma Mia!” Reader discretion is advised. 


The jukebox sensation that is “Mamma Mia!” has warmed the hearts of people all around the globe with the tale of a girl desperately searching for her real dad in the midst of the days leading up to her own wedding. In the end, she realizes that she does not need to know who her dad is because she just needs to know who she is.


While the message about self-discovery is important, the musical does leave a very important question unanswered: who is Sophie’s father? Many fans and hobby-less alike have pondered this very question, prompting them to attempt to solve the mystery themselves.


Starting off with Bill, news site,The Mirror, brings up a conversation between Sophie and Bill in the movie. In summary, Sophie said she was named after a Sophia who left Donna money to buy the hotel she runs, then Bill said that he had a great-aunt named Sophia, but he thought the aunt’s money was only left for family. That last part was obviously supposed to be the food for thought, but there is a lot of gray area in this proof, which was likely the point to keep watchers unaware.


However, Metro points out that Sam could be a more likely candidate, simply because his relationship with Donna spanned out the longest and because they have the strongest connection. Though this lacks proof beyond a reasonable doubt.


Lastly, there is Harry, though there is almost no evidence besides the fact that he and Donna were together around the time Donna would have gotten pregnant. He was the shortest love out of all three men, and there is simply nothing else that could suggest paternity within his lifetime.


No matter who the father is, all three would be just as lovely to have as a father.