Junior Graduates


Junior graduate Hayden King trying to be serious

Bri'An Ashley, MVC writer and photographer

Now that school has been in for over a month, everyone is starting to settle into their schedules. Some juniors are getting an opportunity to graduate early and join the Junior Graduate (JG) program. Not all juniors will graduate early, but the ones who do will need to complete the requirements to be eligible.
To be a JG, students have to ask their counselor or sign up on the scheduling papers. Once they have done that, counselors will meet with the potential JG and ask why they want to graduate early, explain the logistics of it all, and help them decide which classes they still need to take.
Some JGs have to take six more classes, so they can meet the required credits to graduate. Others have already had the requirements to graduate by the end of their Junior Year. The JG chooses which ones they would like to take, but there are not many options, considering most of the classes are full, according to new JG, Hayden King.
Hayden King claims that the extra work is not piling up on him or adding on unnecessary stress, which is understandable considering that the due-date for every assignment for those extra classes is May.
A JG has to have their parent or guardian’s permission before joining the program, and paperwork needs to be signed stating that both the student and their parents/guardians agree that they will now be considered a JG.

Junior graduate Hayden King trying to be serious
Junior graduate Hayden King having a good time.
Junior graduate Hayden King smiling.