Mamma Mia! auditions and results

Neve O'Brien, MVC writer

Tuesday, August 30th, and Wednesday, August 31st, consisted of students nervously waiting for their number to be called for auditions to be in the upcoming performance of “Mamma Mia!”

Students were called to the stage one by one to sing a song selected specifically for their voice part. Some blew the judges away, some cried out of nervousness, and some even hastened off-stage.

Soon after, the auditioners were called back on stage all at once for a group dance audition. Everyone performed a dance for the song “Voulez Vou.” The choreography was emailed by the director to anyone who previously signed up, allowing the potential stars to get started right away. Choir students had a slight advantage in regards to preparation for the dance, having to learn it at a mandatory meeting a couple of weeks prior.

That same Wednesday, most students got an emailed callback stating if they were cast or not. Those who did not make it were offered an opportunity to help later down the road with costumes and makeup.

Auditions for Mt. Vernon High School’s upcoming fall musical, “Mamma Mia!” have passed and the cast list has been posted on the theater’s Instagram page.

Donna: Katie Bowsher
Sophie: Callie Runyan
Tanya: Izzy Strege
Rosie: Claire Gray
Sam: Elijah Borgman
Harry: Christopher Gillie
Bill: George Fair
Sky: Dezi Lehr
Pepper: Bryce Collinsworth
Eddie: Brodyn Gray
Ali: Taelyn Pate
Lisa: Phoenix Hull
Father Alex: Myran Dunahee
Dance Captains: Taelyn Pate, Dezi Lehr, and Elizabeth Hauser
Ensemble: Emma Carver, Caleigh Johnson, Elizabeth Hauser, Taelyn Pate, Phoenix Hull, Guinevere Williams, Isabella Pittman, Rylee Foley, Jordan Leifel, Grace Wechsler, Hailey Anderson, Bella Lazarides, Sophie Frischkorn, Addy Noesges, Inga Schweitzer, Joey Kagawanja, Brodyn Gray, Anthony Stunda, Lawson Leavell, Bryce Collinsworth, and Malcolm Reynolds.

Congratulations to all of the people who made the cast, tech crew, and costume/make up crew.