Tabletop Club

Wyatt Hodge, MVC writer

Of the many clubs available at Mount Vernon, one of the lesser known is the Tabletop club. The Tabletop club here at Mount Vernon is led by Mr. Everett and run by the club president, Dacian Handley. The club meets every Friday in the library to play tabletop games.

Tabletop games are elaborate board games with a story. At the moment the Tabletop club is only playing Dungeons and Dragons, a pen and paper roleplaying game that has seen a spike of popularity in the past few years.

The club is split up into two groups: game masters and players. Game masters are the people running the games and creating the experience for the players. Players are the ones who play through the game and experience what the game master has prepared for them.

The club is trying something new this year, they have started using a system called Adventure League. Adventure League is an official D&D system that allows for flexibility in player and game master attendance by shuffling everyone around every week so that no one is reliant on someone else showing up.

Lorelei Pienkowski, one of the club’s game masters, said, “It’s very fun and it’s interactive and it takes a lot of creative energy and getting used to. It’s a good outlet to let out some stress and meet new people.”