She-Hulk Review

Callie Osburn, MVC writer

I recently watched “She-Hulk” and had very many thoughts.

As of writing this (September 13th, 2022), four episodes have been released. There is a very obvious, and almost over done, theme in the show: feminism.

The recently released workplace oriented comedy show is about Jen Walters battling the stigmatization of her being a woman, a lawyer, and a superhero all at once.

In the first episode, the audience see Jen’s transformation into she-hulk during a car crash where her blood was transfused with her cousin Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk’s blood. The acting and CJI of this scene was pretty good and I think they did it pretty well.

Marvel, trying to appeal to a very modern feminist audience, decided to make Jen’s endeavor with controlling the Hulk inside her non-existent because “she’s a woman” and she “copes with stress everyday.” In the original Marvel movies, it took Bruce 3 movies and half the world being snapped away by Thanos to learn to control his Hulky urges.

As much as I believe that movies should have strong female characters, this is lazy writing and a failed attempt at connecting with the female audience. She-Hulk should not get to magically control herself with her female plot armor, which should have taken years to build. Jen doesn’t need to have it all under control to have a great story as seen in the original films with Bruce banner.

Jen Walters is an amazing, relatable, and even funny character, when not overdone.

Later on in the show, Jen takes on a client known as The Abomination and wins the case of his parol.

I wish this show had more in depth and not as silly court trials. Jen as to screams at and also makes funny jokes the the judges which would not hold in a real court room. The trials feel like I’m watching a children’s movie and Jen should not be acting unprofessional when being a lawyer is one of her defining traits as a character.

One thing I do like about this show is Jen is being forced to present herself as She-Hulk and not Jen Walters, like when she gets a job working in the super hero law division and is told she would be fired if she doesnt stay in she-hulk form. the way Marvel does this feels very real and something that I think the audience can actually relate to.

Personally, I miss the old movies and the older tv shows produced by Marvel Studios. I am personally not liking the direction that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading, but I can also recognize that I might not be the audience that the directors are looking to appeal to (a more radical and online audience .