Boycotting Cracker Barrel

Delainey Root, MVC writer

On August 1st, Cracker Barrel announced on their social media that the chain is adding a vegan sausage to their menus. 

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant and gift shop chain with locations that spread across the US. They are known for their retro design and rustic home style cooking offered at a reasonable price. 

On their Facebook account, they created a post saying, “Discover new meat frontiers. Experience the out of this world flavor of ImpossibleSausage Made from Plants next time you Build Your Own Breakfast.” This post was coupled with a picture of the new addition. 

After they announced the addition of the soy-based sausage alternative to their menu, many fans decided to let the chain know of their disapproval. Diners swore they would never return to the chain, claiming that it was just a cash grab and an attempt by the company to become “woke.”

One person responded by commenting, “You just lost the customer base; congratulations on being woke and going broke.”

Another former customer said, “All the more reason to stop eating at Cracker Barrel. This is not what Cracker Barrel was to be all about.”

Other people were excited about the new menu item. People wanted a meat alternative for those who do not eat meat. Some consumers have been asking the chain to get a plant based item on the menu for years. These people were also very confused as to why a food item angered so many people. 

One commenter said, “Imagine getting that upset about a menu addition. When your life is so small, you need to spread vitriol over a sausage.”

With the addition of a non-meat alternative, many people had very different opinions. Some hate the menu change while others rejoice at the inclusion of vegetarian consumers. No matter the feelings, the menu item is here to stay.