Marching Band


Several flute and clarinet players going back to their dots on the field after a water break

Hannah Elstro, MVC writer and photographer

Cali Sutton (11), a vibraphone player, mutes her cymbal by placing her forearms on it, the same motion she does many times throughout the show
Tyler Paris (11), a saxophone player, stands at attention to play during the rep, while a barry saxophone player takes a short on-the-field break
Tyler Black (11), one of the soloists for the show, is also a color guard member – an impressive feat, given that he does weapons on the field and bassoon as a solo, both difficult positions to earn
A tech (person who instructs) for low brass watches as they march, so he can give feedback to help better them as players
Chloe Albright (11), a drum major, has been with the band for over 6 years. She conducts the band and helps them keep time on the field