Mystic Falls Review


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Abby Bates, MVC writer and photographer

Mystic Falls is a magical place. The food, stores, and sites in this town are simply amazing. The “Vampire Diaries” is a popular show among many teenagers that was filmed in Covington, Georgia from 2009-2018. Covington is a city that is full of houses and shops made just for the “Vampire Diaries,” among many other movies that have been filmed there.
One place that most tourists go there to see is Mystic Grill. Mystic Grill is a restaurant inside the universe of “Vampire Diaries.” It is one of the few places that have been turned into actual establishments due to the show. Subsequently, the restaurant has amazing food, as well as a great atmosphere.
One meal that is a favorite to many is called “The Clocktower.” The ClockTower is one of the most famous meal there. It is made with a bun, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and ketchup. On top of the burger, there are two onion rings, one is laid directly on top of the top bun and the other is standing up on that first onion ring. According to one of the waitresses, many say it is the best burger they have ever eaten.
Upstairs in the Mystic Grill, there are halls that are filled with photos of famous people, including the cast of the “Vampire Diaries,” and each photo is signed. There is also a lounge where customers can, as the name suggests, lounge and hang out after their meals. The chairs are very comfortable and tourists are welcome any time of the day.
There is a shop right under The Mystic Grill where tourists can see all of the clothes that cast members wore including their jewelry. They are not for sale, but visitors can buy their rings that are duplicates of the originals. There are walls full of autographs and quotes from each actor that played in the “Vampire Diaries.” They also have hoodies, blood bags (filled with fruit punch, so they are kid-friendly), Moon Rings, shirts, and other merch for sale.
People love to visit Mystic Falls to see all of the locations where “Vampire Diaries” was filmed. They have fantastic food, great locations, awesome shops, and even more. It is the most fantastic place to visit, especially for anyone who is a huge “Vampire Diaries” fan. Just up the road, about 15 minutes from this location, there is the bridge that Alana drowned in for a scene. There are many places around Mystic Falls to see as well. Mystic Falls is a great vacation spot.

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Blood bag
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