“Pink Sauce” Controversy

Callie Osburn, MVC Writer

People who are online a lot may have heard about the viral condiment controversy surrounding the Pink Sauce. The posts have been going around on many social media platforms, with the majority of them found on tktok.
Carly Pii, the creator of Pink Sauce, a hot pink dipping sauce containing dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, chili, honey, and garlic, has been receiving lots of backlash about the questionable safety of her sauce. However, despite all the criticisms she has received, she has still managed to sell out completely.
The sauce has been receiving backlash because she has not been packaging her products, containing milk, according to FDA standards. Other complaints have come in because the sauce has also been known to not arrive as advertised on her website/tiktok.
Customers have also been complaining about their sauce arriving spoiled, containing incorrect nutrition facts, and varying in color.
One of the Pink Sauce’s many customers, TikToker r8ch3LL, recent post says her bottle arrived rotten and had only two ounces, unlike the promised amount shown in the videos promoting Pii’s product.
The reason that Carly’s Pii’s Pink Sauce has been receiving so much attention is because she responds in a very dramatic manner, which causes online trolls to flock to her page looking for their next internet meme.
Pii has gone on record saying “Y’all really just gotta give me a break. Y’all gotta stop this negativity,” and “I have to separate from this stuff. I cannot allow y’all to bury me mentally,” only further encouraging her haters to spread more criticisms.
Many others have been looking to the FDA for some sort of resolution. Chef Pii said, “The FDA came to my business. I am 100 percent compliant, I’m 100 percent compliant with FDA.”
The FDA spokesperson refused to provide any details about Carly Pii’s situation.
Her alleged mistake has threatened people’s health, and, as such, she has gained a very negative reputation because of everything happening.