Best book series to read over the summer

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer

The summer is the best time to read, since people have hours of free time during long trips in the car, home, or on vacation. I believe that the best type of books to read are trilogies or series. By reading long series, the reader gets to postpone the time until they finish reading the series, letting the reader enjoy the stories more. Some of the best series to read are “Harry Potter,” the “Divergent trilogy,” “the Lord of the Rings trilogy,” and the “Percy Jackson“ series. 

The seven-book “Harry Potter” series stars a boy named Harry Potter in his seven year adventure to kill his enemy Vodermort. I personally like reading this book series, because the text is small and the pages are long and descriptive, making the book long and fun to read. After reading them it may be a good idea to get the popular script for “the Cursed Child” play. If the reader enjoyed the books I would also recommend watching the movies. 

Next up is” the Lord of the Rings trilogy.” “The Lord of the Rings” stars Frodo Baggins as he travels around his work to stop the evil sorcerer Saruon by destroying a ring. The books are really long and took me 5 weeks to read, because the text is very small. I also had a hard time remembering who and what happened because the books took so long to read. If the reader enjoyed the books, I would recommend watching the movies and reading “The Hobbit,” a prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Another good series to read over the summer is the “Divergent” trilogy. The “Divergent” trilogy features the three books, “Divergent,” “Insurgent,” and “Allegiant,” written by Veronica Roth. The three books center around Beatrice, nicknamed Tris, as she works to save her family and friends. The books are about three hundred to four hundred pages long and are easy to read in about one to two weeks. If the reader enjoyed the books and wanted to watch the movies I would recommend them, because they are very accurate.

Another great series is the 5 book series “Percy Jackson.” “Percy Jackson” revolves around Percy and his friends as they go on quests to stop the titan Kronos and save the world. The series in total is so great, everything is Greek mythology with added humor to make it more entertaining for the readers. I would not recommend watching the movies though, they are horrible and mostly have zero connection to the books and sums up all of the books in two horrible movies.

All those books are great books to read over the summer, or any other time. Reading is a great way to relax and enjoy something other than a phone.