Minecraft camera mod review

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

I recently discovered a mod called “Minecraft Camera Mod” for Java. It adds 3 new items to the game: a camera, a picture frame, and a photo album. The little things added can really make the game even better and feel more unique and customized. 

The camera allows the player to take photos, as well as upload them. When the player right clicks with the camera, they can zoom in and out to get a better photo. They can also add a filter if the player wishes. 

I personally like the upload feature. The player can upload any image they desire and can add them to the game. I like uploading photos of me and my friends and placing them around my house. My friend Drew likes to take really bad photos of himself and hide them around everyone’s house. It is really funny to discover them too. 

The photo album is a cute little feature. It allows the player to place their photos in it, then they can scroll and show them to people without having to throw them and possibly lose the photo. It is just an overall nice and organized feature to add to the game. 

I would 100% recommend this mod to anyone who wants to add a little more customization to their game. It is a great way to have a few laughs, capture a memory, or just put something pretty on the walls of the player’s house.