“Demon Slayer” Season 2 Review

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

“Demon Slayer” season 2 was released on December 5th of last year. I recently finished it and now the long wait for season 3 begins. Season 2 was really short compared to the “Demon Slayer” first season which only had 11 episodes. This article will contain some spoilers. 

The season moved really fast and I liked that. It was action-packed and beautifully animated. The main characters: Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko, and Zenitsu, were on a mission with Tengen Uzui. They had to go to the Entertainment District to kill 2 upper moons named Daki and Gyutoru. Daki and Gyutoru are siblings, and Gyutoru who is the eldest, is very protective of his younger sister. 

Daki shows up first at the Entertainment District. Her main character trait is that she thinks she is better than everyone else and everyone except her is ugly. Tanjiro finds her and he jumps into battle with her. Meanwhile Tengen, Inosuke, and Zenitsu are running to meet up with Tanjiro since he was far away fighting Daki. 

The fight is short in the beginning, but it is very important to the storyline. When Tanjiro is fighting Daki, Daki gets flashbacks to a memory that is not hers. She sees a very important Demon Slayer named Yoriichi. Viewers do not know much about him other than that the master demon Muzan is terrified of him. The memory that Daki gets is not hers, but Muzan’s. She gets this memory since she has some of his blood in her body. Muzan is the demon king, and has the most power, so sometimes he gives demons some of his blood to make them stronger.

As the Daki VS Tanjiro fight goes on, Tanjiro passes out since he was not breathing for a while. So his sister Nezuko takes his spot. She is a demon as well, but she is there to protect her brother as well as other humans. She jumps into the fight and at first she gets knocked around, but as she grows stronger, she scares Daki, causing her to flee. 

Thousands of Twitter users agree that the battle that takes place near the end of the season is the most intense battle in anime. It involves Tengen and Tanjiro fighting Gyutoru, and Zenitsu and Inosuke fighting Daki. The animation at this part is extraordinary. The battle between Tengen and Gyutoru is very chaotic. As it takes place, Tengen is poisoned and it is slowly killing him. He also gets his arm cut off, leaving him with one arm. But that is nothing to him since he was trained as a Shinobi. We get a little information about Tengen’s past. He is a Shinobi, which is an agile, smart, and stealthy warrior. However, his clan was murdered, leaving him the only survivor. 

While Tengen and Tanjiro are battling Gyutoru, Inosuke and Zenitsu are fighting Daki. Daki is not as powerful as Gyutoru, but she still puts up a good fight. However, in order to kill the demon siblings, their heads need to be cut off at the same time. 

Eventually, Tanjiro manages to reach Gyutoru’s neck, and as he tries to behead him, he develops his demon slayer mark. Anime viewers do not know much about the demon slayer marks yet, but manga readers know more since the manga is finished. I have not read the manga, but I do know that it makes the demon slayers much more powerful. Tanjiro and Tengen behead Gyutoru and Inosuke and Zenitsu behead Daki, killing them and saving the Entertainment District. 

Everyone is struggling to survive, especially Tengen and Inosuke. During Inosuke’s battle with Daki, he was stabbed in the heart, which nearly killed him. He was lying almost lifeless in Tanjiro’s arms. That is when Nezuko comes up and uses her demon blood art to heal him. Nezuko goes around and heals everyone, making them at their best. 

The seasons came to an end after the demons revealed their tragic backstory. Of course I cried uncontrollably when I heard it. Gyutoru was a young boy who was ugly and poor, and because of that he was beaten, starved, and ignored. That is when his mother had a baby; that baby was Daki. She was beautiful and was given everything. Gyutoru and her were finally thriving, until Daki stabbed a man in the eye. 

They lost everything. Gyutoru came home one day and saw his sister burned alive, just barely breathing. He felt awful that as an older brother he could not be there for her. He carried her barely breathing body into town. It started snowing, another thing to add to the list of things that never go their way. Gyutoru and his sisters were laying in the snow, struggling to survive again. That is when a demon shows up. The demon offers to turn the two into demons, so that they can live stronger and longer. Gyutoru accepted so that his sister and him could live together again. 

In the end, they both died, but we see the demon siblings again in Limbo. Gyutoru wants his sister to leave and be reincarnated as a human and get away from him. Daki sobs saying how she is not leaving her brother. Then they walk into the fire together, being reincarnated as demons again. 

This season was very intense and beautiful. I would recommend this show to everyone. It is a great anime to jump into for someone who is just starting out. I would rate this season a 11/10. It was just overall amazing, the plot, the animation, the character development.