Super Accident Bros.

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer/Photographer

“Super Accident Bros.” is a platform fighting game that me and some friends are making. It is open for public access, and is updated often. With five fighters currently in the game, there is a small roster, but more are in line to be added. The five characters are: Sam, Robot Sam, Digsbi, Mossum Possum, and Jeffrey. Each one has a unique moveset and is good in different playstyles.

Sam is a teenage boy who wields supernatural powers, he likes cheese puffs, and spamming aerial attacks. Sam is good for anyone who prefers doing offstage shenanigans with constant aerial assault. Experienced players can utilize these powerful aerial moves for combos, dealing high damage to opponents in short periods of time.

Digsbi smacking around Jeffrey. (Duncan Schiller)

The next fighter is Robot Sam, and he is not just a Sam clone. He was the chosen one, but he lost the high ground, and overestimated his power, so now he is more machine than Sam. Robot Sam has a variety of weaponized energy attacks at his disposal, and can deal heavy damage with only a few hits. However, be aware that he is a heavy fighter, and is therefore less agile than the others.

The third fighter is Digsbi, from “DIGSBI.” This short green goblin has a sturdy helmet and a thirst for fruit smoothies. Digsbi has a good balance of grounded and aerial attacks, with decent damage and launch rates. He is a pretty good all-arounder. His dash attack is a good choice to defeat enemies that stay near the ledge, and he can recover from a good amount of damage.

Mossum Possum was spawned from a bad joke, and is also from the game “DIGSBI.” He is here to dash and hop around the stage, causing general mayhem. Mossum Possum is a very lightweight fighter, but is also very agile, moving the fastest out of all of the characters. His attacks do some damage, but are not very good at launching unless the opponent has already taken a lot of damage. So make sure to weave in and out of the combat, taking advantage of the mobility that this little moss mouse has.

Sam versus Sam, which will win? (Duncan Schiller)

Last but certainly not least is Jeffrey, a stick figure with an unknown origin, and a strange variety of attacks. Jeffrey is the lightest fighter of the bunch, but can deal pretty good damage with nearly any of his attacks. He can easily start air combos, and his side smash charges up for high damage. Just make sure not to get blown away by the wind while playing as this fighter.

Now then, with any good fighting game, there need to be maps. “Super Accident Bros” has several maps to choose from, each of them offering something different. For example, the backstreets map is an alleyway and offers a flat playing space for everyone. Each map also has its own music to go with it, and all music is made by the creators: Noah Nesbitt, Aaron Albright, and me, Duncan Schiller. We are responsible for new maps, music, and characters being added to the game.

To get to the game, just click this link: Super Accident Bros (Beta 3.0). People can play against a friend, or instead opt for single player against the bot. To contact the main developer, Noah, just send him an email ([email protected]). Make sure to mention SAB in the subject line.