Best “Battlefront 2” guns

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer

Guns in “Battlefront 2” have been one of the most controversial items in the game. Some are too good, but others are plain useless or too close to another gun in their player’s arsenal, so most players don’t know what to use in the game. Each gun, except the player’s original weapons that they get at the start of the game, come with three mods which let the player update what they fire, their scope, cooling, damage, range, speed, and looks. “Battlefront 2” has 4 troopers that allow the player to mod or update the weapons: specialist, heavy, officer, and assault. 

The best gun for specialists is the NT-242. The NT-242 is a heavy-hitting weapon dealing enough damage to kill any officer, assault, specialist, or arial trooper with one headshot, while dealing heavy damage to the rest. The NT-242 is not the best at short range attacks, though some players are skilled enough to score a headshot at any range. The two mods that are best suited for the NT 242 are better cooling and secondary scope, allowing the player to see and scoop with more accuracy while building up less heat.

The best gun for heavy use is the DC-15LE, which is a gun that is used for close and medium range attacks. The barrel is unfocused causing all players to miss at least 10 percent of their shots. The best mods for it are exploding shots and improved recoil to improve the accuracy of the shots.

The best gun for officers is the S-5. The S-5 is a heavy hitting gun mainly used by the Naboo security forces. The S-5 can be used in any way based on the mods, and it can be used from long, middle, or short range. The best mods for it are improved recoil and improved scope.

Finally, the best gun for assault is the CR-2. The CR-2 is a gun that can kill any player in 1.35 seconds with a storm of blaster fire. It is best used for close range due to the fact that it is very inactive, missing 10 percent of its shots at close 40 at middle, and 95 at long. The best mods to include with it are reduced recoil and improved cooling.