Mrs. Terrell Wins Golden Apple Award

Madi Gibson, MVC Writer/Photographer

This past January, one of Mt. Vernon’s teacher, Mrs. Terrell, won WISH TV’s Golden Apple Award. The award came with a $500 check and a trophy. She was surprised by the award and it was obvious by her big smile how much love she felt. 

“All that counts is the caringness and support from students and coworkers,” said Mrs. Terrell. 

As Mrs. Terrell notes, the award is more than money or the trophy. It is about the goal of not only spreading education to students, but to expand kindness throughout the workplace. Although Mt. Vernon is the only school Mrs. Terrell has taught at, she said she has great mentors and fellow teachers here. 

It is important to keep work as a reduced stress environment, especially for high school teachers. This is due to the fact that they are the leaders of struggling teenagers going through difficult challenges. Mrs. Terrell had some major influence in her life. Her biggest influence was one of her school teachers: Mrs. Helbing. According to Mrs. Terrell, Mrs. Helbing was a super fun teacher who did lots of activities in class. Mrs. Terrell also really liked the joke-filled environment in the classroom. 

Some would say teaching is a selfless career, Mrs. Terrell said otherwise. She believes effort is still put into college and income. 

She added, “I think there is a lot of emotion that goes into teaching that you do not see in other careers.” 

 What does it take to be a good teacher?

 Mrs. Terrell said, ” I think it takes decent planning, years to know how to respond to certain situations, and having a good knowledge of the criteria.” 

In a classroom, it is more than just the teacher. The students evolve the way the classroom feels. Mrs. Terrell wants her students to have standards and understand that there are goals that must be met. A great student to her is one,“having a positive attitude, going to give it my effort and not letting things get in the way.” 

Mrs. Terrell believes that students are reasonable with themselves, have good expectations, have a good mental frame, and are compassionate. The Golden Apple Award is proof that Mrs. Terrell has inspired students during her 17 years of teaching.