PlayStation Virtual Reality 2

Keith Ellington, MVC Writer

Playstation has finally announced it: The release of the anticipated Virtual Reality (VR) headset is here. It is Playstation (PS) VR 2. This headset will come with new features and new games to create a refreshing experience. Just like its predecessor, it is rumored to be $399. As for the release date, it is unknown. Players expect to see its release sometime this next holiday season. There are some things Sony has confirmed

The first PSVR headset had its tracking in the PS camera. Fans did not like this and the tracking would get lost easily. The new PSVR2 has inside-out tracking. Thanks to this, it has significantly improved its tracking and should be easier to use. The controllers and the headset will also have haptic feedback. This feature allows feeling what is happening in the game. 

Sony is also adding new technology. A technology that VR has explored and perfected: eye-tracking. This feature will make the headset determine where the player is looking at. This could be helpful in many ways, such as focusing on certain objects, animations pop more, and saving space for more important areas of the game.

This headset is still under development and fans are waiting for the release and more news.