Review of Water


Duncan Schiller

The water bottles all lined up together.

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer/Photographer

Water is a pretty important resource for humans. We need to drink it in order to live. But as with all things in life, some variants are better than others. There are fruit-flavored waters, carbonated waters, and of course, normal waters. So with that, I decided to try five different types of water to review them. Quality will be the quality of both the packaging and how the water itself tastes, while sweetness will be judged on how sweet the drink is.

First off, standard water, Ice Mountain brand. This is 100% water, and is the most basic of the five waters. This will be the basis of the other ratings, with this being an eight for quality and a one for sweetness. This would be a good one to drink casually in class, or when writing an article like this one. 

Next up, some aloe vera and honey water, from the ALŌ company. This one has an interesting flavor, and even tastes somewhat fruity. This sweet treat contains 130 calories, and scores an eight for quality, as well as a seven for sweetness. This would probably be a nice drink to have along for a day at the beach.

Now, for something potentially a little more exotic: coconut water from the Vita Coco company. Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk, which is actually a fair bit like almond milk. With a quick sniff, this product smells a bit off, and does have a strange taste to it, a semi-sweet period followed shortly by a slightly bitter aftertaste. I would give this a four for quality, as I have had better coconut water before and a four for sweetness. Honestly, all-around disappointing. I had high hopes for this one, but I guess nostalgia makes things seem better than they truly are.

Finally time for the fizzy drinks to shine. It is time to review the Perrier orange flavored sparkling water. I have never really been a fan of sparkling water, and this French failure did nothing to change that for me. I would give it a seven for quality, sure, but the other rating really fails to cut it. With a zero for sweetness as well, this does not make a good drink, unless you happen to really like sour sparkling water.

The satisfying click, hiss, snap of a can opening to a carbonated drink is a sound that I love to hear. But will the drink hold up to the high expectations after that sound? Time to find out if Bubly really is the way to shake up a day. I do not care much for sparkling waters, and this one just reinforces that opinion. However, this one I feel could be fine if it had a bit more flavor. With a two for sweetness, I think this definitely tops the Perrier and the coconut catastrophe, but fails to beat the other two overall.

All in all, water is very important, and life probably would not be here without it. It is a pretty good thing that most people have easy access to it.