MV Student Wins Lilly Scholarship

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer

The Lilly Scholarship is a four-year full ride to any Indiana University. Every year, each school in Hancock County nominates two of their students for the scholarship, but only one student in the county can receive it. This year, that student is Maitlyn Griner, who earned it for several reasons.

Maitlyn has been a member of student government for all four of her years here, as well as a Marauder Mentor for three years, and she has been part of the Marauder Mob for four years too. She has also been in varsity softball each year. She is also a part of DARE Her goal after graduation is to go to Purdue or Butler and get degrees in Civil Engineering and Forensic Science. 

I had a chance to ask Maitlyn about her activities. 


Q: How long have you been a part of DARE?

A: I have been a part of DARE since May 2019, which was the last semester of my freshman year.

Q: What made you decide to join DARE?

A: After being offered the opportunity to apply for this position with DARE, I had very little information about the organization. I had been through the DARE program my 5th-grade year, but that was about all I remembered. After researching, I discovered that DARE was a lot more than just an educational program that taught students how to say “no” to drugs, but rather an enhanced curriculum that advocates for students to lead safe and healthy lives. I was immediately drawn towards DARE America’s goals/mission and took the chance to try for an opportunity that would end up changing my life.

Q: What was your favorite community service project?

A: I have multiple. Amongst the activities I really enjoyed were Track or Treat, DARE Bowling Fundraiser, being a DARE mentor and interacting with 5th-grade students in their classrooms, as well as Fortiville’s Fire House Opening. However, my favorite was probably the process of implementing the DARE curriculum into Mt. Vernon’s Middle School. I was able to put together a presentation and present it to the Superintendent, and middle school principal at the time. DARE’s curriculum, as well as enhancement lessons, are ready to be taught and implemented into the middle school as soon as COVID restrictions are no longer as prominent. This project was also one that led me to be able to travel to Dublin, Ireland with DARE where I was able to advocate for the United States. I discussed and collaborated with individuals from Latin America, Germany, Belgium, etc. about pertinent policies of our nations.

Q: Why did you choose to be so involved with the school?

A: I’ve always been interested in having a voice and platform in my community. I enjoy getting involved and being creative, which is why I ran for student government my freshman year. After my first year of student government, I realized all of the things it incorporated. Lots of collaboration and preparation for spirit weeks, school events, philanthropy opportunities, staff appreciation, mental health committees, etc. There were an ample amount of things that student government was involved in and as the years went on, I kept wanting more and more leadership and involvement in all of these enriching activities. Improving the school in ways ranging from being a part of bringing back powder puff to instituting an interactive mental health mural wall, are things that bring me joy.

Congratulations to Maitlyn and the other area nominees. Best of luck in college and beyond.