Valorant “Chamber” Review

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On November 16, 2021 Riot Games released their newest agent to the game Valorant. The long awaited agent is a sentinel, so he has good attacking as well as defending skills. Chamber is male and his backstory is fairly simple. According to Riot Games. he is from France and was inspired by a “gentleman assassin.”
Chamber’s abilities are quite different from one another. His first ability is a Trademark ability. With this ability he is able to place a locator anywhere on the map, and when enemies come within its range, it alerts Chamber. In the game the player can buy up to two of these Trademarks before the round begins.
Another ability of his is Headhunter. Headhunter is a gun that Chamber has and the player has to purchase bullets in order for it to work. With this gun, he is able to ADS, which is zoom in, and get a clearer shot on an enemy. The gun does around 50-55 damage a shot, which is a very helpful tool to use during pistol rounds since the enemies only have 100 hp. He is also the only agent as of now with guns as an ability.
His other ability is Rendezvous. Rendezvous allows Chamber to place two teleport anchors on the map and when he is in range of them, he snaps, then teleports to one of them. If players are not in range of the teleport anchors, he will alert the player that they need to be in range.
Chamber’s ultimate ability is called Tour De Force. With his ultimate ready, he is able to equip an operator that reloads faster, shoots better, and slows enemies down when one of their teammates dies because of this ability.
Overall, I think Chamber is a great addition to the game. His abilities are easy to use and quite helpful in any situation.