Power Washing Simulator

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On May 19th of last year, Square Enix Collective and FuturLab released their newest game, Power Wash Simulator, on Steam. This game is in an early beta, so the creators are still looking for ways to improve the gameplay and make new levels. When the player first starts their game, it will be easy and not have to wash as much. When the player completes a few levels, then it will be harder, they will have to clean from the floors to the roof. There is an end level, but if the player completes that, they can go into free play mode and go back to play their favorite level. It is available to purchase and play on Steam and costs $23. 

Power Wash Simulator is a very relaxing game to play alone or with friends. The main objective is simple: completely remove all the dirt, graffiti, and gunk off of all surfaces. The player will start off with a simple, low power washing machine. It requires more passes to clean a surface, and it also makes the player stand close to the area that needs to be cleaned. However, the player can purchase in-game power washing machines that can make cleaning easier. They can buy soap, rod extenders, and can even customize their character. Soap can instantly remove dirt from the surface, as long as the player uses the right cleaner on the surface. For example, wood cleaner can be used on wood only, otherwise it will not remove anything. 

Multiplayer for this game is very new. So of course there are a few bugs to it. My friend Nick Howard, also known as Milkshake to some, is a MVHS graduate. Nick Howard played the game with me. It was really fun and a good stress reliever. It was hard to get in a lobby together and it took a while, but when we got in, it was great. 

The game is really relaxing. It allows the player to just lay back and make clean and even lines which is satisfying to watch. However, it can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes the player is required to clean a small car, then after they will need to clean an entire playground. So it can be a lot, but once it is done it is rewarding. 

I would rate this game a 6/10. I think that this game is fun to play and is a good stress reliever, but I think $23 is a bit too much for the game. If anyone has the spare money, I think they should get the game. If anyone is tight on money or looking for a cheaper game to play, I recommend they skip this game.