MV Football Team Wins State Championships

Sophie DeWael, MVC Writer

Mt. Vernon football players getting ready to start a play (Emma Gill)

On Saturday, November 27, 2021 the Mt. Vernon High School football team made history by becoming 4A State Champions for the first time in Mt. Vernon’s history. This achievement was not taken lightly, and there have been many celebrations congratulating the team on their championship.

The Marauders did well throughout the whole season, ending with only one loss overall, to Noblesville, and being undefeated in their league. The team won most games with a large margin in the score, including three shutouts, one of which was against Connersville and was won 70-0.

The Marauder Mob cheering on the football team (Emma Gill)

The team really shined through this year and demonstrated their teamwork, especially with this year being coach Lidy’s first season as the head coach. Regardless, the team was able to come together and make it all the way through the final victory.

“Looking back at the film from two years ago, it’s crazy how far we’ve come,” said quarterback Gehrig Slunaker, 12. “You look out there, and it’s a lot of the same guys playing. We looked like little kids out there. We were skinny and small. We’ve definitely come a long way.”

Mt. Vernon Marauder football team coaches hugging and celebrating over the state game win (Emma Gill)

Their improvement can even be seen between last season and this one. Last year, the team lost to Roncalli in the playoffs which ended the season, and this year they beat Roncalli and claimed the regional championship title. It was the first time Mt. Vernon won the regional championship in eight years.

The Marauders have had an impressive season, and it will not be forgotten in the years to come. This year made history, and next year very well might too. The team may be moved into the 5A league next year where larger teams await them. Regardless, this season was largely impressive by itself and will be remembered for years to come.