“A Boy Called Christmas” Review

Katelyn Salazar, MVC Writer/Photographer

First and foremost, “A Boy Called Christmas” is great. Second, well I do not really have one, but I said first, so It is required I put a second. From its great animation to its humor, it is just all around amazing.

 I knew I wanted to see the movie when I saw the preview on Netflix. My interest was mainly because Maggie Smith, who plays Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, and Jim Broadbent, who plays Professor Slughorn, also in the Harry Potter series, are in it. Both of them being in it was enough for me to click on it and see what the movie was about. At first, I thought it was going to be a spin off Harry Potter, like the Fantastic Beast movies. It is not a spin off, but it does involve magic, just not with wands.  

What is the movie about? Well to start, Maggie Smith is coming over to babysit kids while their father is at work on Christmas Eve. Her first comment when she comes over is that they do not have any decorations up, not even a tree. But the children and Maggie keep going on; the kids do not really like her that much and are told she is going to tell them a story. So yes, it is essentially a story inside a story. And if you have ever seen  “The Princess Bride,” the structure is similar. For those who have not seen “The Princess Bride,” the story is set up so that the person reading the story gets interrupted. But if anything, to me, the movie was better and more humorous when they did this.

 Speaking of humor, there is a mouse, who is both my sister and my favorite character, especially when he learns to talk. His animations and graphics are amazing. My foster mom kept saying every time we saw the mouse, the bear, and the reindeer that they all looked so realistic. For instance the way the wind moves their fur was awesome and their breath being visible in the air just made it more real. That was just something that really brought the magic to the table. 

Throughout the story, I began to realize that the story of Nikolas meeting the elves is actually the story of Saint Nikolas, better known as Santa Clause. Now I do not want to ruin it anymore for people by saying all the spoilers, but it is a movie I recommend. It is especially great during family time with younger cousins, siblings, nephews and nieces. It brings back memories of past Christmas stories I was told. I just like this one better.