My Top Christmas Movies

Isabelle Hernandez, MVC Writer/Photographer

Movies are a great way to get in the holiday spirit this time of year. There are all kinds of Christmas movie genres, such as the Hallmark Christmas films to “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Anyone is

Looking at twinkle lights and driving around to look at strangers’ lit up houses is a Christmas must-do this time of year. (Isabelle Hernandez)

technically allowed to watch these mirthful winter films year-round, but they are best enjoyed with eggnog and thick blankets. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of my favorite Christmas movies.

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is a classic December movie to watch. It is part of my family tradition to watch it every year, and it is always a hoot. The movie successfully shows a dysfunctional family around the holidays and is relatable with the arguing and hectic holidays. While the dad hopes for the perfect family Christmas, the grandparents bicker with each other, the siblings complain about sharing a room, and the dad doesn’t get his expected Christmas bonus. Everyone loves the non-sugar-coated film that follows the Griswold family who just cannot catch a break in their jam-packed schedule to get ready for Christmas. 

“Elf” is just overall goofy and a Christmas movie list must. In the beginning, Buddy the elf is at the North Pole with tiny elves and he honestly cannot tell that he is different from them,

Everyone needs to enjoy the snow at least one day per year, even goats. (Isabelle Hernandez)

even though their toilets are practically doll-sized and he had yet to see another elf his size. When Papa Elf tells Buddy that he is not an elf, it reminds me of “Kung Fu Panda” when Po’s dad, who is a goose, tells Po, the panda, that he’s adopted, and lo and behold Po’s mind is blown. Buddy, his dad, his newfound step-family, and Jovie all learn to get along and accept each other and everyone is happy. There is a perfect balance of comedic relief in between each sappy scene. 

“Home Alone” is one of the best movies set during Christmas. Kevin McCallister is an 8-year-old kid who argues he would not miss his family if one day he woke up and they were all gone. The next day he finds that he has the house to himself. If I were him, I would probably think that was a Christmas miracle too because his family all seem sort of rude and never defended him. Later on, when he hears two robbers plan to rob his house, he plots an entire course of booby traps to protect everything, although the house is a mess by the end. I would not have been able to defend the house myself and I am double his age. “Home Alone” is quite nostalgic and reminds me of when I was younger and watched this movie over and over.

Christmas gifts are pretty when they’re under the tree and wrapped, but they’re mocking the people they’re for because they can look at them but not know what’s inside. (Isabelle Hernandez)

The live-action version of “The Grinch,” which stars Jim Carrey, has such wild Christmas vibes. It is the whole package: Jim Carrey, an angry green man eating glass, the Christmas craze in Whoville, and a tragic backstory.  With the exaggerated camera angles, the sassy Grinch, the kind-hearted Cindy Lou Who, “The Grinch” is simply an overall holly jolly first-rate Christmas must.

Spending an afternoon, cozied up with good Christmas movies and wrapping presents brings the excitement of the upcoming holiday season to mind. I always enjoy spending time with my family and bonding over traditions, such as watching Christmas movies and looking at festive lights decorating homes. Whether you watch any movies on my favorites list or movies on various other holiday films, the important thing is to enjoy the festivities.