Curtain Bangs

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On October 23, my aunt cut my hair. I have been wanting to try curtain bangs for a while, but I was always too nervous. So I just told her to do it. I have never had short bangs, so this was something new. 

My friend Emme Grubbs, 12, said, “I hate my bangs, they are so annoying I do not think you should get them.” 

I, however, completely ignored her. She was kind of right though, bangs do get annoying. They always fall in my face, they do not stay in a hair clip, and are overall annoying to deal with. They usually look good though. 

My bangs do not like to be styled. Everytime I try to style them, within the next 45 minutes they go flat again. So I gave up trying to style them, and now they just chill on my face

I do not completely hate them though, they look good when I try. When they grow out however, I do not think I will be cutting them again. My hair grows pretty fast so that is a plus. 

Going through the pain of having bangs has been a journey so far. I loved the process of adapting to the bangs. I went from liking them to hating them, to loving them. It took some getting used to but I think that the annoyance paid off; I do not think I would go through it again though.