Taking My Driving Test

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On October 21, I took my driving test at the BMV in McCordsville. As a senior, I could have gotten my license my sophomore year, but my anxiety would not let that happen. My mom let me have her 2019 Ford Fusion as a gift and that is what I used during the driving test. 

When I first arrived with my dad, we were told to take a seat and wait since the driving instructor was not back yet. I sat and just let my mind overthink about the whole situation. After about 30 minutes of waiting, I was called over and was asked a few questions. They asked me how long I had my permit, they checked my eyesight, then we went to do the driving test.

When I got into my car, the driving instructor checked my lights, turn signals, and brake lights. And since Covid is still prominent, she placed plastic on my passenger seat and sat on it. We also both wore masks the entire time. 

While I was driving I tried to make small talk so that the excruciating awkward silence would stop. The instructor did not really seem like the talkative type though, so I just focused on my driving. My car’s shifters are messed up, so when I excel, the car jerks. Other than that I thought I did pretty good. 

When we got back to the BVM, I parked and we walked into the building. My dad and I sat back in our seats and she came back and told me I passed. She asked for my height, weight, and then she took my photo. I was so excited and I told everyone when I left. When my dad and I left the building, my mom texted me to get a photo of me and my license by my car. 

Having my license now, I feel more free. I can drive from my house and go to my friend’s houses without bothering my mom to come pick me up. It is amazing and I do not know why I took so long. My road anxiety has calmed down quite a lot. In my opinion I think having someone in the car with me was really nerve wracking.