Best Thanksgiving Foods

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so here is a review of popular Thanksgiving foods. I am going to start with some of the basic ones, and then talk about some that I have never heard of before. 

So, turkey– it is the staple of Thanksgiving, and I really like it. The reason I like it is because it goes well with everything else in a Thanksgiving meal. Next up we have mashed potatoes, and I love mashed potatoes, the taste alone makes me want to eat more. I also like sweet potatoes. My mom grew up eating mashed potatoes, but my dad grew up eating sweet potatoes, so there is always a small argument about which one to have, but personally, I favor mashed potatoes. Stuffing is next, and I would say that it is my favorite Thanksgiving food, it goes so well with nearly anything. Personally, I prefer homemade stuffing, but it is fine from a box too. Mac and cheese is another pretty popular Thanksgiving side, and it is hard to go wrong with mac and cheese, even though we do not eat it with our Thanksgiving meal.

Then we have rolls, which are ok I guess, they are mediocre at best in my opinion, because they do not have much flavor on their own. Green bean casserole is pretty good too, when it is done correctly, but if it is baked for too long, it does not taste as good. Broccoli with hollandaise is pretty good, and the texture of the broccoli works well with the sauce.

So now we are on to the less common ones, like deviled eggs, which is funnily enough the most popular side for a Thanksgiving meal in Indiana, and they definitely deserve that popularity, because they are delicious. Cranberry sauce is also amazing, and so is corn. Chicken is also something that people have for Thanksgiving, but it does not fit as well as turkey, and I think that is partially because people have it in their mind that turkey is the Thanksgiving bird. Apparently, hashbrown casserole is also a Thanksgiving food, and although I have never had it, I would imagine that it would be pretty good. Have a great Thanksgiving!