Minecraft Hardcore Mode Review

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer

In all Minecraft hardcore survival worlds, the player’s main goal is to survive. All players 

are given 1 life and if they lose it, the world gets instantly deleted and they lose all of their progress. Recently YouTubers have put more and more videos of their hardcore worlds out on YouTube for people to watch. Then after days and days of them recording their progress, they get reckless and start making foolish decisions which ultimately ends up in their characters dying. Most people start by joining in and exploring the terrain around them. But I decided to start differently. 

Here is how I did it. When I spawned in, I looked around and found that I was on a small 

island with absolutely no resources to help me. I could not locate any mobs or trees on the island. So I set off and wandered for many hours until I came across a beautiful mountain range. I decided to make my house there. I wanted it to be hidden and look nice, so I built it inside the mountain. 

I spent a couple of days making the first five stories of my house. These are some of 

the most important builds a player will make, so they will want to get it right. I decided to go for an underground hobbit hole sort of design. I chose that because I have many friends that play and we like to grief each other and it is best if I can stay off the radar and not have my base seen by other players.

            After building a house, players will want to build a furnace room that is fully automated so they can smelt anything they want without having to wait. It takes a long time to smelt items, so getting this done soon is helpful. I built mine within the first day of being at my base. It is very simple, all players need are hoppers, chests and furnaces, then they can build quickly.                                                                                          

            Second, players will want to build a storage room to keep all their supplies safe, which is necessary for later in the game so players can quickly access their items

Third, they should build a Nether portal in order to have access to supplies that will be 

necessary for staying alive like blaze rods and other mob drops for potions and eyes of ender, which are necessary if the player wants to travel to the end dimension to slay the dragon. Players may also want to have ancient debris because when combined with gold, they can make netherite. If the player combines netherite with diamond armor and tools, it will transform them into netherite armor. Players can also find mobs like hoglins which are beast like hogs that try to stab players with it tusks, magma cubes which attack players by jumping on players, ghasts and blazes, which both fly around and try to blow players up with fireballs, and lastly Piglins which players can trade with, but if threatened will try and stab players to death.

And finally, build a bedroom. A bedroom will give players their own personal room in 

which players can build a personal area in the player’s base where only players are allowed in. That should keep their base functioning for a while while players work on other projects. 

After the house is complete, the next step is to build farms. I would recommend a 

crop farm, a bamboo, glow berry, berry, tree, sugar cane, animal, mob, and cocoa bean farm. The reason for all of those is simple: in Minecraft players need specific items to survive, crops to breed animals, sticks for tools and other wooden materials which players can get from bamboo, berries for extra resources and decoration, trees for wood. Sugar cane is used for paper and sugar. Animal farms which allow players to obtain wool, leather, eggs, meat and milk. A mob farm provides gunpowder, flesh, bones, armor, weapons and other rare items. And cocoa beans get used for cookies and dye. 

The next step after players make their farms is to go to the Nether and collect resources. 

For an extra precaution it would be best to have full diamond armor, as having no armor or other types of armor can be dangerous. Once players get there, make sure to craft an enchantment table so they can add buffs to their armor to increase the player’s chances of survival in the Nether. Once they go into the Nether, be sure to mark the coordinates so they do not get lost. 

Next, locate a nearby Nether fortress and collect blaze rods from a blaze spawner at the fortress. Once players have collected a good amount, find a bastion. They look like a big broken cube and players will find human-like pig creatures. To stay safe in a bastion, players will want to wear any type of gold armor, which will allow them to make the Piglins passive. If a player sees a Piglin with a black and gold shirt on, they should not go near it. They are Piglin brutes, and they do extreme amounts of damage and can kill players very quickly, ending that career. Once players are in the bastion, they can toss gold to the Piglins and in return give the player items. When the player has gained a substantial amount of items, head back to the overworld and stock up. 

After players have done this, they can do whatever they want and either turn it into a chill 

world where players just mess around, or start making insane and massive structures and farms. Some of these structures players might want to make are cobble generators and an ender farm. These both can have great benefits like tons of XP for enchanting and infinite blocks for building. There are many farms that can be built and finding one is pretty simple. All the player has to do is look up the farm that players want and results will show with varying amounts of complexity and resources needed.