My Work Is Scamming Me

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

I work at a restaurant called Eddy’s Bar and Grill. It is located on Geist Lake and is right beside the popular ice cream place, Crave. Since my summer job at the Indianapolis Yacht Club ended, I needed to find a new job. My mom is friends with the owner and the owner’s wife, so it was very easy to get the job.
When I went in for an interview the owner, James, sat me down and just had a conversation with me. He asked how I was since he had not seen me since I was a toddler. It was a normal conversation, until he asked if I could come in the same day for training. I first asked my pay and he said $7.50 an hour. He said I would be making more with tips, around $30 a night if we were busy. I agreed on the pay, though I was very disappointed by the wage, then came in at 5:00 pm.
Being a hostess is fairly easy, other than the fact I have to stand for at least 5 hours straight each night. My first day was brutal, my back and feet were killing me. I was being trained by two girls, Reagan and Cianna, who were the same age as me. This was not the best idea. They told me they were best friends and I could tell since they basically ignored me the whole night.
Once I got the hang of everything I was scheduled regularly and my first real shift was with a girl named Raven. Raven is my favorite and I love working with her since we have so much in common. We both do not like Reagan and Cianna, we both talk too much about our boyfriends, and we both hate our jobs and the customers. Every shift I work, I am usually scheduled with her.
The first time I counted my tips, I had gotten $40 for 2 and a half weeks of working. That is awful. My friend who works at Chicago’s Pizza makes $60 in one Friday night. I usually work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. So him making more in one day than I make in three really confused me.
Eddys is always packed and there are always people there, so I should be making way more than I am as a hostess. I asked Raven how much money she was making hourly and she said $8.50. I was so confused since we had the same job and started at the same time, and she was making more than me. I asked how much she usually makes in tips and she said in a week about $30. She usually works the same amount of hours as I do. That is way more than I make.
This week Raven informed me that she had to put in her 2 weeks to quit. She texted me, “My step-dad kicked me out so I have to get a new job, since we make dirt there (referring to Eddys).” I was so upset since she was the only reason I was staying. There was no reason to stay now, my only friend left, I make next to nothing, the other girls are rude and skip shifts, leaving me with nothing.
So at the end of my shift Saturday I plan to put in my 2 weeks and apply to Chicago’s Pizza. I am 100% convinced Eddy’s is paying me wrong and scamming me out of my money. I put in so much time and effort into my job, and to get next to nothing is miserable.