“Pretty Woman” Review

Madi Gibson, MVC Writer

I got the opportunity to watch the famous movie, “Pretty Woman.” Pretty Woman is about a woman, Vivian Ward, working as a prostitute. She meets a rich man, Edward Lewis, who pays her for a week to make him look good when he makes an appearance at important events. They spend a week together living in the penthouse of a fancy hotel. He teaches her how to act in the rich community of Los Angeles.

As the week goes on, they stumble into multiple situations that they must overcome. The two of them work together to create a bond that will last the time being. Their two personalities unify to make a beautiful friendship. Vivian is a headstrong, spirited, and honest woman. She knows what she wants and how she is going to get it. There are many times during the movie that her personality pulls her into trouble whether it be that she’s talking too much, not talking enough, or her overall outgoing persona. On the other hand, Edward is more quiet and reserved. He is good at convincing people in a calm manner. These two extraordinary characters clashed in the best way possible.

I would rate this movie a 10/10 because of the overall production. I think the acting is spectacular and the cast was chosen wisely. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the parts. I also love the meaning behind the movie. After watching, I took the message as a don’t judge a book by its cover situation. The community took Vivian as a bad person from a bad neighborhood who wouldn’t be able to change. Not only did she prove them wrong, but she also changed Edward for the better. From the costumes to the dialogue, it all comes together in a great movie.