What To Do Over Fall Break

Katelyn Salazar, MVC Writer/Photographer

MVHS has two weeks of fall break. It is the perfect amount of time to do something, such as going out of town, maybe even allowing yourself some time to relax. Or you could be doing simply nothing at all. What should students do with all this spare time on their hands? Here are some things you could do over fall break.

Easy things to do at home that won’t take too much effort are reading spooky stories, or just regular ones.You could listen to Mr. Nightmare on Youtube or Spotify. Enjoy sleeping, if you are lazy like me. Embrace the Halloween spirit by watching scary movies, or traditional Halloween ones like “Hocus Pocus” or The “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and by drinking apple or pumpkin spice cider, at least once.

If you’re wanting to be more effective with your time, you could always kick it up a notch by doing more physical activities like cleaning out your closet and drawers and replacing summer clothes with fall and winter clothes. Or start putting up Halloween decorations. Maybe even start cleaning your room, it always gives me a clear mind. You could be festive and have fun carving a pumpkin. And of course, enjoy baking a pumpkin pie.

If you’re looking to get out of the house, here are some things you can do: start by going to an apple orchard. Want to get a little spooked? Visit Indy Scream Park. Definitely go on a hayride with friends and family. Want to get even more spooked? Try going through a corn maze, it can be pretty spooky, so bring some friends. Maybe even go camping. You could go visit some family. And of course, have fun.

Now that I have given you a list of things to do, do not tell your parents “I’m bored.” All these things are time consuming, fun to do with friends and family, and of course festive for fall.