Carson King Returns

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On August 31, the famous Youtuber and streamer CallMeCarson, announced his return to social media. To sum up what he did, he was caught talking to a minor when he was 19. 

Carson King announced on Twitter that he will be coming back and got mixed responses in the comments.

“What he did was wrong. I don’t even know why he bothers to return. He’s going to get hate and cancelled for it again,” said Morgan Carr, 10. 

What Carr said is just one example of how upset people are. On the other hand, there are some who are thrilled for his return. 

“It’s about time he’s back. It’s been a year. What he did wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. There was a two year age gap between him and the girl he was talking to. Me and my girlfriend are the same,” said Spencer King, 12. 

No matter what people’s opinion may be, they cannot change the fact that he is back. 

To try and come back on a positive note, he said that he will be streaming everyday and 100% of the earnings he makes while streaming will go to a charity. Every month he will have a different charity that he will donate to. During the month of September, he will be donating to the Games of Love Charity. Games of Love describes itself as being dedicated to easing the suffering and saving lives of children.

His past is his past and it may not be the best, but what he is doing now is a fresh start for the CallMeCarson Channel. Since it is not the end of the month, the total amount of money he has donated has not been added up. However, since he is a very popular streamer, it is bound to be a lot.