How Freshmen Feel About This Year


Madi Gibson, MVC Writer

Freshman year is when students go from being at the top of the school, to being right back at the bottom rung. From eighth grade to freshman year, so many things change for a student. A new building, new teachers, and new classmates can make it a wild time. 

With all of these changes, students also have more social opportunities. Football games, basketball games, volleyball games, clubs, track m

Nevaeh Tuggle

eets, and school dances are all part of that. High school also provides academic chances whether it be for future colleges or high school awards. All these things come together to be the best four years of many people’s lives. 

Some students want to focus on their academics. Neveah Tuggle, wants to mostly focus on education and getting a good foundation for responsibility and time management. She is also interested in the clubs that Mt. Vernon has to offer. 

Neveah is fascinated by the amount of clubs there are to choose from. “I am really fascinated by the clubs about feminism and humanity improvements,” she said.

Chandler Green

Coming into a new school is always nerve-racking, but there are also aspects everyone expects. Another ninth grader, Chandler Green, said, “the freshman year was how I expected. I expected it to be easy but the school was a little hard to know my way around it, but it got easier as I went on.” 

Freshman year is an important but challenging year. Students need to get a foundation on school responsibilities early, because you will use these habits for the next 3-7 years. 

Another freshman, Adison Mayes, had to add that, “freshman year is the best chance for a new start and fresh chances.” 

Entering freshman year can truly dictate how the rest of your high school career will turn out.