Girls’ Soccer Senior Night

Delainey Root, MVC Writer

On September 8th, the girls’ soccer team had their senior n

ight. The team has had a big impact on the girls who participated. With a global pandemic disrupting school and sports, the last few years have been a strange experience for everyone involved. 

Covid has changed up sports for everyone, especially the players. Riley Britt, a senior on the soccer team, said that one of the biggest changes with the soccer team during the pandemic was, “Definitely tickets being limited. It is not the same when everyone can’t come and pack the bleacher or sidelines.” 

Soccer Photo
Anna Stanfeild and Addie Lockwood give Lily Wilson her senior gift.

A loss of audience isn’t the only downfall senior soccer players experienced. 

Maddie Swingle said, “Due to the global pandemic, we lost a season of club soccer and that was a huge struggle. I have always played soccer and so going on four months without competitive soccer was rough. The past year things have gotten a little back to normal but we have had games be rescheduled or canceled due to COVID and it has been hard to form a routine which is important to athletes.” 

Despite the pandemic, all these girls still have had great memories on the team. 

Bri Hale explained, “My favorite memory is definitely being able to be part of a team, not even just a team, we consider ourselves family. I truly can’t imagine next year without them. Having an automatic group in high school is such a great thing and it’s not even just the soccer team. All the sports come together and support each other and that’s something I have always cherished being a marauder.” 

Britt and Swingle both say that their favorite moments in high school were based around sports and seeing the school win. 

The team is very close to each other and made a big difference to each other. 

“The people who impacted me the most on my team are my teammates. They’ve become my best friends over the years and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. They’ve pushed me and held my head up, and I owe them everything,” Britt explained. 

These girls also have so

Soccer photo
Maddie Swingle kicking the ball.

me advice for underclassmen. These girls have almost made it through their high school years. They have had ups and downs and are willing to help out future underclassmen following in their footsteps. 

“My advice for underclassmen would be have fun, it literally goes by so fast and do as much as possible during high school and life and make sure you try your best in school and out of school because it will make a difference,” advised Hale.  

Britt said, “If I could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to listen when people tell you that high school goes by fast. I never listened because I always thought school went by slow but now I’m a senior and it’s almost over. Get involved, go to every event possible. You’ll miss it I promise.”

Finally, Swingle wants to leave underclassmen with her advice to, “reach outside of their comfort zone and try new things because this time is so short. I would also tell them not to waste time worrying about the future because before they know it the future will be there and they will have wasted so much time worrying for nothing.” 

The senior soccer team is full of friends who depend on each other. They have had some struggles with Covid; however, they haven’t let a global pandemic ruin their high school years.