“Lego Masters” Review

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer

“LEGO Mastersis a TV series about ten teams, each made up of two people, who build with LEGOs. Each week, a new challenge is given by the Brickmasters, Amy and Jamie, who design LEGO sets. The teams must complete their builds within a certain time limit, and at the end of the challenge, they present their build to the Brickmasters and the host, Will Arnett, who played Batman in “The LEGO Movie.” The judges decide the top and bottom two teams after each challenge, and then decide which team won and which team is going home. 

That seems simple enough, right? Well, not exactly. The challenges are not standard LEGO set style builds. The teams have to meet certain criteria in most challenges, and in season one, they had to build a space-themed build that would be destroyed in one of three ways: explosion, dropping, or glitter bomb.

There is also a special item called the golden brick, which gives the team that has it immunity for one challenge if they choose to use it before judging. But, if the team with the golden brick ends up in the bottom two at any time, they lose the golden brick, and it can then be won again later.

In the beginning of each episode, there is always a twist of some sort. In the puppet challenge episode, a puppet of Will Arnett went around, talking to teams and doing skits. In some challenges, teams have to work together, and in some, they all build a part of something bigger, like an amusement park. If you like LEGO and reality competition shows and have not watched this show yet, go check it out.