Working at the IYC

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

Working at the Indianapolis Yacht Club, also known as the IYC, was a very odd experience. I first saw that they were hiring in late May in an ad posted on Facebook. The post stated that anyone interested should just drop in for an interview.

So the next day I showed up wearing a crewneck and some leggings. When I got there I saw another girl. She looked much more professional. Not a good start for me, but I waited until it was my turn to be interviewed. 

Once it was my turn I walked into the large club room and sat at a table with the assistant manager. His name was Austin, but he never gave me his last name. He asked me some questions about my availability and how familiar I was with IYC. Since I am still in school, my availability was limited, but he did not mind. He also asked me a very complicated question: why would you be a good addition to this work place? I did my best to answer this question. Obviously I answered the questions correctly because within a few days I got a text saying I got the job.

The first three weeks I either did not get scheduled or they would put me on morning shifts when I had school. I would text them every time it happened and they still kept making the mistakes. That is when our assistant manager Austin quit, which had nothing to do with me. 

On my first day I was told to just sit out by the pool and take out any trash if the trash can was full. That was it. All that I had to do was take the trash out three times a day and I was making $10 an hour. It was amazing. Until it was not. My boss Thomas Lee, my favorite person there, retired, meaning we had to get new management. 

So for a temporary replacement, the bartender, Tina, took over. She was nice and trying her best, but it is obviously hard to manage a whole staff and keep the building in check. 

After a month and a half of working there, I had only been given one paycheck of $100. I worked every Monday through Wednesday every week for a month and a half, so I should have a nice amount of money saved up. I eventually got my money, but I still feel like I am missing some. 

When I put in my 2 week’s notice, which was a week before Labor Day, I was too frustrated with them. They never got my schedule right, did not have a set payday, or give me my money, they were awful at communicating, and they did not give clear directions. 

So in the end, would I work there again next summer? Absolutely. I hated every aspect of the work. However, the job is too easy to pass up. At $10 an hour to sit and sunbathe, then every now and then take the trash out. I would take that over my current job any day. The job I have now is way more intense and harder than my IYC job, and I do not even make half of what I did at the IYC.