“A Quiet Place 2” Review

Presley Luther, MVC Writer/Photographer

“The people that are left, what they’ve become, you don’t know, do you? I knew. They’re not the kind of people worth saving,” said Emmett.

“A Quiet Place Part 2” is the sequel to “A Quiet Place.” The first movie was very highly rated and rightfully so. The post-apocalyptic movie focuses on the idea that aliens have come down to earth and are extremely sound-sensitive. Viewers have seen in other movies how something like this can make the movie more interesting. But, the “Quiet Place” franchise adds a thrill factor into their movie which is Lee and Evelyn’s daughter Regan, who is Deaf. Regan’s deafness, in a world where her family’s survival relies on silence, makes the movie even more interesting.

At the beginning of the movie, the viewer is set back to before the incident happened. Lee is in town when the first alien hits the ground. The viewers see Lee’s frantic attempts to get away from the situation with his daughter Regan. Across town, Evelyn is with her son and they also have an encounter with an alien. Viewers get this great scene of both parents trying to save their children.

 Then the movie flashes forward to the present day. Evelyn has another child and is trying to take care of him and her two other children without Lee. Viewers can see throughout the movie how Eveyln struggles with the loss of her husband. Throughout the movie, viewers see the adventures of Evelyn and her kids as they leave the farm and have to deal with even more monsters, not all of whom are aliens. 

Overall, the movie was very well written and directed, however, at some points, the movie seems a little repetitive as well. For example, at the beginning of the movie, the whole flashback scene was great, but somewhat useless at the same time. Viewers didn’t need to see this part of the movie, seeing the aliens first come was cool, but they should’ve added this to the first movie. Now it was interesting to see when the aliens first came, but throughout the entire franchise, viewers never see why the aliens hate sound so much, and why they only kill because of it.

 The movie overall definitely brought some competition to the realm of post-apocalyptic horror movies. This movie is great if you are interested in post-apocalyptic movies like “The Hunger Games” series or The Godzilla series. You can watch “A Quiet Place Part 2” on Paramount+. 

Overall I would give this movie 4.5/5 stars.