Five Points Ferret Refuge Introduction

Alana Woolf, MVC Writer/Photographer

       Five Points Ferret Refuge is a non-profit ferret shelter located in Indianapolis. Started in 2009, shelter mom, Brenda Taylor has created a welcoming and safe environment for countless little creatures known as ferrets. Ferrets are often bought by inexperienced owners or those who are not yet ready to take on the large responsibilities of owning one. These ferrets often find themselves put in shelters. Five Points Ferret Refuge takes in the animals and

Gizmo, surprised after being awoken. (Alana Woolf)

gives them all of the love and veterinary care that they require. Currently, the rescue has found itself in a predicament of nearing capacity.

         Chairwoman Lola George said, “During covid many people had extra free time and took up adopting ferrets. Now that many people are getting their jobs back, people are realizing they don’t have the time to care for them, and so surrenders have increased.” 

          Due to this, the rescue has nearly 60 ferrets. All of these ferrets are looking for potential forever homes from those with lots of time and room on their hands.

        Five Points Ferret Refuge encourages those who are interested to fill out an adoption application form on their website.

           “While these crazy weasels are a handful, they never cease to be entertaining and irreplaceable companions,” said Brenda Taylor.