Being a Scorpio

Madi Gibson, MVC Writer

Many years ago, ancient Egyptians sought out the suggestion that the design of the stars made up constellations and imaginary lines through the sun. These imaginary lines, now known as zodiac signs, were developed back in the 1st Century CE. 

The zodiac signs, or horoscopes, have a designated timeline for each sign. Since I was born in late October, I am a Scorpio. The timeline for a Scorpio is from October 24th to November 21st. Scorpios are known for having a dark side. 

Scorpios can be very single-minded and ruthless. When we find something we admire and want, we will do whatever it takes to get there. With that, Scorpios have the great ability to be manipulative and cunning. Plotting and planning their ways around situations, Scorpios create a certain atmosphere around them and like to be with a kind of people who understand them.  

Regarding love, Scorpios are most compatible with their fellow water signs: Cancer and Pisces. It is said that Scorpios and Aquarius do not get along and should avoid each other in relationships. 

Like everything else where there is bad, good will then follow. Scorpios are determined people and are very brave. Our connection with others is so strong and our loyalty is to the end. We surround ourselves with people who will give loyalty and honesty in return. 

Friends bring happiness and peace to Scorpios. Those people are mostly Capricorn and Virgos. These two other signs bring steadiness to a Scorpio’s life and puts them at ease. 

Scorpios love to have fun and we are extremely witty and sarcastic. Our humor brings a lot of joy to a room. 

Scorpios are great people to surround yourself with. We have our unpleasant moments like everyone else, but above all a good friend.