“Cruella” Review

Madi Gibson, MVC Writer

This past weekend I watched one of Disney’s newest movies, “Cruella.” I found it very interesting with her backstory and the way the producers brought it to life. Emma Stone, who plays Estella, who later  turns into Cruella, portrayed her character so well. She made the role her own and added twists along the way. 

I particularly enjoyed the ending scene when all of the little stories and mysteries came together as one. Estella’s main focus in the movie is making her mother proud. To do this, she wants to design new looks and move higher on the social ladder. Once there, she learns that the head leader, Baroness, is not an easy person to impress. Despite this challenge, Estella works harder than anyone there and becomes her personal assistant. 

Estella learns that the Baroness had killed someone close to her and she wants revenge. So Estella becomes Cruella. From there she made her own designs trying to show the Baroness that she is not the leader in fashion. 

 The twist in the relationship between the Baroness and Cruella was not what I expected. The movie gave a good understanding of Cruella’s past and how she became who she is in “101 Dalmations.”

“I think the movie was one of Disney’s best recreations so far,” said Gianna Reynolds.

I recommend watching this movie with friends and family for a thrilling time.