“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Pikachu Review

Keith Ellington, MVC Writer

Pikachu in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is one of the many special characters in the game. Therefore, he is unique. Pikachu is a small and fast character. He hits hard and can pack a really good punch. His normal punch can do a decent amount of damage, ranging from 19%-28%. Yes, that is not the largest amount of damage, but he has fast movements resulting in a faster punch. He is an A-tier on the smash tier list.
Pikachu has 4 different moves. His standard special move is “Thunder Jolt,” his side special move is “Skull Bash,” his uptilt is “Quick Attack,” and his down tilt is “Thunder.”
Pikachu is also a good character in a sense because most people hate fighting him.
Noah Nesbitt, 9th, said, “I play Smash Bros. at lunch and I got to say that Pikachu can be annoying to fight if they know what they are doing.”
He is really hard to hit because of his speed. “Quick Attack” makes him jolt around the stage too. It can even be a combo starter. These are all great ways to play him that are unique and seem easy to learn at first, but annoyingly hard to master.
That is why many players do not like Pikachu. He is an easy character to play, but to become good with him, that will take a while.
“Pikachu can be good if you know how to use him,” said Aaron Albright, grade 9. Albright went on and add that Pikachu is “a good character if you’re learning the basics of Smash Bros.”
Pikachu’s moves have too much variety in them and it is difficult to focus on, like his charged standard and his “Quick Attack.” Even pro Smash players do not use Pikachu because of this problem.
Pro Smash Player Esam also agreed, “Of course his combos are all very specific because the spacing that you have to hit up airs, and your forward airs, and your drag downs, and like getting jab locks. There’s a lot of Pikachu that makes him good but there’s a lot to him, that makes him difficult.”
Pikachu also has a final smash called “Volt Tackle.” Makers of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” describe the move by saying, “Pikachu turns into a ball of electricity that darts all over the stage.”
Pikachu has one of the worst final smashes. Yes, it is strong and launches the player pretty far. Yes, 10% to 20% of damage is done depending on how fast he is moving. The worst thing about it and what makes it so bad, is that it is extremely hard to control. What makes this worse is that the range on the final smash is short, very short.
Overall, Pikachu is a great character with many flaws that can be covered by a good player. He is just like any other character in Smash, it just takes time to understand the Pokémon.